Holiday home security with Ajax home wireless alarm systems

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Since the global pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, holidaying to sunnier climbs has recently been re-evaluated by us Brits. Hilton’s 2022 Trends report showed that last year, 77% of contributors said spending time with their family was the most important thing to them post-covid, with holidaymakers going on an average of three trips in 2022, 49% of travellers taking their kids, 46% with partners, 23% with parents and 11% with grandparents. This trend looks to be here for a few years due to the ongoing high cost of living, as many families may not be able to afford an international trip this year. 

On average, in 2022, there were 7,000 monthly Google searches for ‘cheap holidays’, showing a clear desire for affordable getaways. With that in mind, in 2023, it is predicted that those who go on their holidays will be looking to save costs in other areas to make their trips more affordable overall. 

However, for some, the pandemic was seen as an opportunity to explore the possibility of purchasing a second or holiday home. It is estimated that an impressive 772,000 households own a second home or holiday home in the UK, according to the English Housing Survey, a rise of 40% in the past three years. Pretty impressive, right?

Keep your holiday home safe through the seasons

Owning a holiday home is a great way to generate a passive income and spend quality time with family and friends but it doesn’t come without its headaches. When it comes to the upkeep of any second property, the list can be quite comprehensive regarding keeping the property in order; you need to consider any renovations and repairs, cleaning, and maintenance, and especially keeping it safe and secure when it isn’t being lived in or occupied for any specified period.

Keeping safe and secure

Leaving your home vacant for long periods during the low season or over winter months can be a worry especially if it is in an idyllic/remote location, it can leave your property vulnerable to potential thieves.  Ensuring peace of mind that your property is secure is paramount whether it’s a holiday park home, flat or house. 

In most cases, simple precautions can be enough to keep your property safe through the winter. Ensuring all doors and windows are locked, cancelling any regular deliveries, alerting the local neighbourhood watch, turning the water off, and unplugging appliances are usually sufficient to keep your property safe and sound until the holiday season.

Unfortunately, these are only sometimes completed or thought of, especially when letting it out to short-term tenants or Airbnb guests.

Holiday home alarm systems

To reduce this risk, it’s a good idea to install some level of home security. The Ajax wireless alarm home security system ensures peace of mind that your holiday home is fully protected when not in use.

Ajax wireless systems offer a high level of security that ensure that your holiday home is not only protected against intruders but also against fire and water leaks which may occur when you least expect them.

These super savvy state-of-the-art smart wireless alarms offer the following intrusion detection benefits:

  • Smart device connectivity and wireless installation for all sensors
  • 24/7 smoke, heat and leak detectors
  • Humidity and temperature sensors
  • Automated home smart plugs
  • Panic buttons
  • 24/7 monitoring, motion sensors with 4G Backup
  • Battery backup for the central hub.

In addition, the inclusion of the Ajax Mobile App gives you complete control and visibility of your holiday home, regardless of where you are in the world, all with the touch of a button. What’s more, you can check for any anomalies and react or alert the relevant emergency services just by logging into the app. The wonders of smartphones and modern technology!

Owners instantly benefit from the many features with a user-friendly design and easy-to-view settings, such as: 

  • Remote arm and disarm functionality
  • Full and descriptive notifications
  • Detailed device status and health
  • Scenarios settings to switch off appliances on arming.

As well as protecting your holiday home with an installed Ajax wireless alarm system, you will receive instant fire, carbon dioxide and leak detection notifications, eradicating all concerns over the safety and security of your holiday property. What a cinch!

Protecting your Home away from Home with Fairlea Wireless Alarm Systems

With staycations a firm favourite for holidays for years to come and a potential investment for many for the future, be sure to protect your holiday home investment with a wireless security alarm that you can trust. 

For further information on how Fairlea Wireless Alarm Systems can install a home alarm system or a bespoke Ajax wireless smart security system into your property then please get in touch with our security specialists at 01628 564 640 or email [email protected]. Trust Fairlea Wireless Alarm Systems to keep your holiday home safe throughout the off-season and all year through.

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