The UK is well known as a Nation of Dog lovers. We go to incredible lengths to keep our four-legged friends safe and protected as best we can.

Recommended Solution: Ajax Alarms

At Fairlea, supplier and installer of Ajax Alarms, we get many enquiries from customers requesting security systems that keep their dogs safe when they’re not home.

The most popular and effective system uses Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs) to keep Man’s best friends safe.

PIRs systems are a perfect solution. A PIRs system works by detecting movement via motion sensors and motion detectors, and automatic lighting systems over a monitored area. Most PIRs models can be activated remotely.

However, one of our customers owns two rare breeds of dog that need protection whilst home alone. These dogs weighed over 50kgs, so they were too big for the PIRs system to work effectively. In the UK, 50kgs is the average size of a healthy 14-year-old teenager.

The unsuspecting pooch will trigger the alarm. Which could be distressing for the dog and not an ideal scenario for the customer.

We had to find an alternative solution.

External Security Measures

To overcome this challenge, Fairlea recommended a perimeter security system that included the garden, windows and external doors via the MotionCam Sensor Ajax alarm system. To ensure the dog’s safety and well-being.

The Fairlea alarm engineers installed two MotionCam Outdoor devices from Ajax Alarms in the rear garden, protecting any possible access from neighbouring properties.

Due to the rural location of the property, neighbouring Cats, Foxes and other wildlife enjoy a visit from time to time. The engineers calibrated the system not to activate when this occurs. And send a notification to the user Via a siren alert and pictures on their mobile phone. Customers can then quickly identify if it is a false alarm or an intruder.

The “panic” button on the app will activate the burglar alarm and deter intruders before a break-in.

Internal Security Measures

For maximum security, Fairlea then installed DoorProtect Plus sensors on all doors and windows in the house. The versatile Ajax Alarms units allow multiple configuration modes, including opening, shock, and tilt sensors.

The award-winning Ajax alarm range is mainly a slimline wireless system range. This versatile wireless alarm system can be positioned on any window or door. No matter where in the house they are installed.

The rest of the installation included Ajax fire protection, smoke and leak protection, multiple sirens, Indoor MotionCams, and PIR sensors. Giving complete comprehensive security within the home.

Suggested Extra Security Measures with Ajax Alarms


At Fairlea, we advise all of our customers to consider installing a 4G SIM as a backup to the Internet. Especially if they live in a rural part of the Country and a connection is not always reliable.

Ensuring our clients will always have access to and visibility of their alarm system, no matter where they are.

For further information on how Fairlea can keep your pets safe, use a PIRs system or the Ajax alarms kits range. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our security specialists at 01628 564 640 or email [email protected] to help secure your home.