Keeping Your Property Safe This Winter

Ajax Wireless Alarm Systems
An exterior view of a home in the winter months

Winter is certainly here with colder weather and darker nights

However, it’s not just the poor weather conditions that the winter season brings. According to House Beautiful Magazine, homes are 50% more likely to be broken into over winter. November and December have been labelled the worst months in the calendar for burglaries. Thieves look to take advantage of the shorter days, leaving homes and gardens under cover of darkness for longer.

Although typically, we may spend more time in our homes during the winter, it is a peak time for burglaries. Security firms and installers advise that people check their home security to deter burglars that may be targeting their property.

At Fairlea Wireless Alarm Systems, we utilise scenarios to boost your home, office, or business security. With the latest research and a vastly experienced team on hand; we also understand how to use smart products to our advantage which is why we thoroughly trust Ajax for security and safety. With the latest innovative and custom-made products, Ajax wireless alarm systems go beyond detecting and notifying to resist intruders actively, they act as a preventative measure. 

There are some clear features and benefits that set Ajax wireless alarm systems apart from the competition and we have listed these below enabling you to truly see the advantage of having an Ajax alarm installed in your home or business: 

Ajax Night Mode

Secure peace of mind with the state-of-the-art smart night mode offering scenarios to secure the perimeter of your property completely. With night node switched on, you can continue to move inside your home/property knowing you have the utmost security setup outside of your property. With the option of activating low-level outdoor lighting through scheduled intervals or manually to any access points to deter burglars, night mode is designed to make you safe every night and throughout the year.

MotionProtect Outdoors

The innovative MotionProtect Outdoor wireless alarm from Ajax is the smart detection outdoor system you can’t be without. With a two-step algorithm to minimise false alarms, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. On movement detection, multiple spotlights will turn on around the property. With traditional spotlights that include motion detectors, one light will activate.
With the MotionProtect, multiple spotlights will start, and audio systems or sirens will sound to deter the most persistent intruder. Give yourself peace of mind and 24/7 outdoor security with MotionProtect Outdoor


Your solution to fire detection and prevention, Fire Protect smoke and heat detector alarms. On detection of a fire or a sharp temperature rise, the Ajax WallSwitch will switch off any potential cause of ignition or any device that will increase the danger once a fire is detected. 

Automated Scenarios enabled for your safety

The WallSwitch and Socket is ideal for when the property is vacant for a prolonged period. The WallSwitch and Socket is used in scenarios to turn lights on and off. In addition, sound systems or TVs can be switched on to give the impression that somebody is home when they are not. A great advantage for increased security.

Another benefit of Ajax smart systems is the Arm/Disarm feature. Automated scenarios will activate once the system is armed or disarmed. This includes auto door locking, shutters or grills lowering and raising, and additional lighting for safe exit or entry. All of which give the impression that someone is either at home or initiating this action, further enhancing the security of your property.

Keep your home and business protected this Winter with Fairlea Wireless Alarm Systems

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter; look at installing an Ajax Wireless Alarm System. At Fairlea, we know more than anyone how difficult it can be to find the right product to manage your security. However, you can trust us when it comes to Ajax smart wireless alarm systems. Boasting many innovative and modern products to secure your home and business inside and out. You can rely on us to install, certify, and maintain your Ajax security solutions year after year.

Being NSI registered and an official authorised dealer for Ajax products, we are your local alarm experts that care about your home and business – you are our priority. Let us help you find a security system solution tailored to your specifications by contacting our expert team today. We will keep your property safe this winter.

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