Ajax Wireless Alarms at Brighton Barkery

Ajax wireless alarm
Beside the sea, a new concept and retail outlet has been created to supply rawsome eats and tasty treats for our dogs. A warm and welcoming place, a hub for existing raw feeders and those waiting to take the plunge but aren't sure what or how to feed! Brighton Barkery always promises to offer only what they would feed their dogs. With carefully handpicked companies and brands that have met with their 4-legged board members' approval! Having undergone an extensive refurbishment and modernising project, this 1,800 sqft space required 12 months of hard work, dedication and a vision for the end product. To complement this refurbishment client required an alarm system that was functional, reliable, accessible, sleek and wireless, as the retail unit was stripped back and did not want wires on show. An Ajax Wireless Alarm installed by Fairlea Online Ltd fitted the brief perfectly!

Ajax wireless alarms keep Brighton Barkery safe and hound.

Brighton is well known for its quirky and unique shops and open-minded attitudes to retail. Brighton Barkery is no exception to the rule, with many shops down by the sea entertaining the most eclectic of tastes.

This fantastic new concept and retail outlet opened its doors on the Sussex Coast in 2021. Supplying rawsome eats and tasty treats for a more discerning dog.

Brighton Barkery promises to offer only the ingredients that they would feed their dogs. With carefully handpicked companies, brands and feeds that have met with their four-legged board members’ approval!

Renovation work


In recent months, Brighton Barkery has undergone an extensive refurbishment and improvement of its shop front and storage facilities. 

The 1,800 sqft space required 12 months of hard work, dedication and a vision for the end product.

Furthermore, Brighton Barkery wanted to heighten security to complement the renovations and required an intelligent, simple wireless security alarm system. That was functional, reliable, accessible 24/7, and unseen to the general public.

Choosing the award-winning Ajax wireless alarms system was an easy decision. It offered all the security solutions required and looked sleek and modern with key features, including motion sensors and motion detectors.

Brighton Barkery appointed Fairlea Online Ltd specialists to install the Ajax wireless Alarms system, as the products perfectly fit their brief.



Ajax MotionProtect Curtain


The sizeable windowed front left the shop considered vulnerable to potential break-ins or damage. So a suitable burglar alarm was required to keep the shop safe.

Moreover, the Ajax MotionProtect Curtain is a suitable solution. It gives full coverage as well as detects motion with a range of up to 15 meters, covering the entire plate glass shop frontage. 

In addition, Fairlea Online had to secure all openings and strike areas. Fairlea Online Ltd installed the Ajax DoorProtect Plus system and also the  MotionProtect devices to protect all other secondary spaces.


Ajax Wireless Alarms – Leaks Protect


Even the smallest leak could cause thousands of pounds of damage and stock loss. So Fairlea Online Ltd implemented a system that included the LeaksProtect system for all the freezers and kitchen areas.

Furthermore, the LeaksProtect system gives Brighton Barkery an early warning system if a freezer malfunctions or detects a leak. Protecting a vital aspect of the business.

Ajax Wireless Alarms – Siren Systems


As well as a bespoke and suitable fire security system, Fairlea Online Ltd installed Ajax StreetSiren, an internal HomeSiren. An Ajax Relay to integrate into the fire alarm system for complete fire security and safety notifications.

Ajax Wireless Alarms – KeyPad 24/7 Access


For remote access, Fairlea Online Ltd installed the Ajax KeyPad. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones for remote arming, disarming and full notification of all events.

Brighton Barkley now has absolute security using the Ajax wireless system alarm range. Access and visibility of its alarm system and complete control with notifications and transparency of all events 24/7.

For further information on how Fairlea Online Ltd can help install a home alarm system or bespoke Ajax wireless alarms.

Then contact one of our security specialists at 01628 564 640 or email [email protected] to help secure your home.


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